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Gift Baskets- Perfect For Many Occasions

Gift baskets allow you to express a gamut of emotions without having to say a single word. Instead of looking around for one perfect gift that would express the way you feel, a beautifully packaged gift basket filled with an assortment of delightful goodies is a great way to convey your feelings. Gifts baskets are ideal for any occasion, whether they are holiday gift baskets, baby gift baskets or house-warming gift baskets. What’s more, they can be packed with an endless variety of choices including chocolates, fruits, stationary, candles or gourmet foods.

Fruit Gift Baskets

A tower of luscious fresh fruits in a basket is the perfect gift for any occasion. The fruit basket could include a variety of delicious apples and pears, juicy strawberries and cherries as well exotic kiwis and Japanese kumquats. A bottle of fruity wine and an assortment of mixed dried fruits and nuts, creamy cheeses and fruit preserves are a perfect complement for any fruit basket.

Candle Gift baskets

A basketful of aromatic candle is a unique gift for someone who loves to revel in romantic luxury. Mix and match candles of different shapes and scents including spice pear, lavender, cinnamon, rose and strawberry. Complete your candle gift basket with a sack of potpourri and some hand-made stationery.

Food Gift Baskets

Food gift baskets are truly versatile with options that are only limited by your imagination. A wine and cheese basket or a champagne and caviar basket exudes elegance and sophistication. Chocolate gift baskets filled with an assortment of individually wrapped chocolates and chocolate chip cookies are great for known chocoholics. Italian gift baskets filled with pasta, pasta sauces, black and green olives, a variety of cheeses and a bottle of Italian wine makes a perfect gift for any Italian food enthusiast.

Gift Basket for a New Baby

New-born babies are meant to be spoilt and what better way to do it than with a Moses basket or a baby bassinet overflowing with baby essentials. Include items of bath care and apparel as well as few snuggly toys in your baby gift basket. For a priceless memento, add a footprint or handprint kit or maybe a couple of silver photo-frames in which to keep baby’s precious first photographs.

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