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Fruits Basket Summaries

Corporate gift baskets are a great way to show your company's appreciation to employees, clients, and others who help the company succeed. When sending a gift basket, keep the following questions in mind:

  • When to send the gift basket?
  • Who you are addressing the gift basket to?
  • How many people the gift basket is for?
  • Budget for corporate gifts?
  • Which is the right type of gift basket?

While sending a gift of appreciation is a thoughtful gesture, these are questions you need to answer in order to send the right basket at the right time. If your company is planning on closing a large business deal within a few days, you should plan to send gift baskets to those involved as soon as the deal is closed. Waiting too long could be seen as a lack of organization or a sign of disrespect.


Who you choose to send a gift basket to is also important as you donŐt want to leave anyone out. If your company worked with a group of people from the same department, sending one basket is plenty. If there is a small group who each work in different departments or companies, sending a small basket to each person is a good idea.

Depending on the occasion, gift baskets are usually sent only when large deals are completed, an employee falls ill or gives birth, or during the holiday season to act as a centerpiece at holiday parties.


Most corporate gifts fall within a budget, so be sure you know what this budget is before charging gift baskets to the corporate account. Being smart when choosing a gift basket will help you stay within your budget. Choose baskets that are basic, but professional. Theme baskets may not apply depending on who you are sending them to.

If you prefer, you can add your own corporate gift items to the basket to create a unique gift.


The size of the basket depends on the number of people receiving it. If sending a basket to an entire department, choose a larger basket filled with a variety of cheese, crackers, and other food items. Large baskets filled with chocolates and cookies are also a good choice.

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