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Fruits Basket Episode 9 English Dubbed

With all the furor over Simon Cowell’s apparent abuse of the disillusioned, most of the press seems to be missing the point of the audition phase of American Idol these days. Most, except for

I mean why does the show seem to gather its largest audience during the audition phase and the finale? The ratings for American Idol look like a banana. The answer is quite simple. People want the bad singers as much as they want the great, so it is therefore American Idol’s responsibility to deliver them. Even more so, though, people want to see Simon smack the disillusionment from their heads.

Take American Idol: Season 6, Episode 6 Recap (please). Also dubbed the “American Idol Los Angeles Auditions”. Should we expect any larger concentration of out of their goard goofballs on American Idol than those from Hollyweird itself? Every year the LA episode is the spectacle of this phase of the audition segments. If we needed any better example than Goddess Bunny to show us that Hollywood is full of deranged wanna-bees with sadly twisted views of the talent they posses, it would be the American Idol Los Angeles Auditions.

Throw out your psycho-babble spewing shrinks and disabled advocacy groups, the world does not despise these poor souls… we love them! Why else would we tune in by the millions to watch them do their thing! Worse yet is the folks who criticize this spectacle as exposing a disingenuous screening process… yes captain obvious, they really do want the bad singers and colorful characters in the audition phase. They make the show worth watching.

There is nothing better than enjoying American Idol with folks that get it, so it was fascinating to read Buddytv’s American Idol: Season 6, Episode 6 Recap and finally get the honest to goodness down-low on what makes audition season so enjoyable: the freaks, the geeks, and the serial killers. God bless em all.

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