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Fruits Basket Episode 7

When the new baby arrives, many create a newborn baby gift basket. These are fun to make and take just a little thought and creativity.

First, choose the basket you want to arrange your items in. This can be something cute to store items in or something useful that the parent will enjoy using later. The newborn baby gift basket container holds all the items so you will want it to have a sturdy bottom to hold up.

Next, decide if you will include food items. If you include food items in your newborn baby gift basket, you may need to refrigerate the basket. Clothes and toys can be combined with a fun food item to make a unique basket that is fun for the parents to open.

Fill the basket bottom with something sturdy and heavy. Receiving blankets or diapers are good for this. A childs book also makes a good start in the basket. Add items in the newborn baby basket that a newborn could use right away. Some ideas include powder, shampoo, lotions. Clothes items such as socks and bibs are cute to add color . Toys such as rattles and books are always fun to add to the newborn basket.

Before you know it, your newborn baby basket will be finished and you will have the fun of seeing the face of excited parents as they explore the goodies you have put in the basket. A nice card would be the finishing touch to the basket.

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