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Fruits Basket Episode 24 English

Wine is an ever increasingly popular drink in the United States and around the world. This has been helped in part by movies that have promoted wine, such as Sideways. Moreover, the explosion in the popularity of wine has also meant that it is becoming an ever more popular gift idea. This has given rise to the wine gift basket.

So what is a wine gift basket then? Quite simply a wine gift basket is a gift basket that contains wine and usually some combination of cheese, chocolate, fruit or any other gourmet food. They make great gifts for the simple reason that they combine wine with other great foods. Below I have included my top 8 reasons to give one as a gift (and 1 reason not to).

  1. They aren't called wine gift baskets for nothing. People love receiving wine as a gift, it's a scientific fact.
  2. They usually contain delicious foods and next to wine, food is probably the most popular gift people like to receive.
  3. You can choose wine gift baskets with your choice of red or white wine or both so you can give one that you know the person will want.
  4. Also, with most gift baskets you can pick the region the wine comes from allowing for even more customization.
  5. If you don't know too much about wine it makes choosing a perfect wine gift that much easier.
  6. You can also usually customize the type of food included. Does the person hate peanuts (or is allergic)? Then replace them with something else; for example chocolate.
  7. Most gift basket companies will allow to customize what you want and help you if you are not sure what to include. Essentially, you get both flexibility and assistance.
  8. They are fun! Need I say More

Thus, the only reason not to give a wine gift basket that I can see is if that person does not like or does not drink wine. I think almost everyone else would really enjoy receiving one as a gift.

Before to choosing to give one though you will have to consider a few things. First and most obviously picking wine and food the person will like. Second for most people will be price for a decent wine gift basket expect to spend $50 and up. Anything less and you are really sacrificing quality. If you can't afford that you may just want to consider giving a simple bottle of wine instead.

Finally, remember to stay around after you give a wine gift basket and you may be able to sample a little bit of what's inside for yourself.

Ian Wright is a lover of fine wine and food. For more information about on giving a wine gift basket or about the wine country gift basket please visit his sites.