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Fruits Basket Episode 1 Subtitle

A revision of a dissertation into a book manuscript should not have the same title as the dissertation itself. Your book manuscript is for a different audience. Therefore, choose your title wisely.

Do you have a strong title for your book? When you have the central idea of your book, it is a good time to start thinking about your title. Do you have a title that your dissertation committee did not approve? Think of a variety of titles. Come up with a title that will intrigue agents, editors, and readers.

A strong title reflects what your book is about. When you construct a strong title it will carry you through the writing of your book. The title will keep you focused on the entire project as you work on the chapters that will make it whole.

A strong title interests potential readers in your book. Make your title rich in meaning and you will be well on your way to success.

Donít forget the subtitle. A strong title and a compelling subtitle go hand in hand. Your subtitle should connect to your title. Both communicate something about your book. They are the headlines for your book. They will make a reader pick up your book. Spend quality time on your subtitle. It communicates the message of your book in case the reader missed it from reading the title.

Your title and subtitle complement each other. Spend the necessary time on both. Your efforts will produce two strong descriptions of your book that will be irresistible to readers.

Margaree King Mitchell is the co-owner of MKM Book Services, a book-consulting firm. Converting dissertations to book manuscripts is one of the services offered. Her website is