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Fruits Basket Ep 1

A fruit basket is a form of gift delivered to the recipient's home or work place. There are many types of gift basket, some has fruits only and some only includes canned or preserved food and drinks such as tea, crackers, abalone wine and jam. There is also a standard gift basket which consists of both selections. The more exclusive gourmet gift basket is actually an expensive version of the standard gift basket which includes more unusual/high end fruit and finer selection of wine and cheese.

Fruit baskets are gift suited for any occasion. There's a variety of selections to choose from no matter what the recipients prefer be it standard fruit basket containing apples and pears or exotic fruits like mangoes, persimmons or wild berries. An advantage for giving out fruits is that it is a healthy snack therefore as a giver; you are encouraging healthy eating habits. Not only will the recipients thank you for your generosity but they they'd know that you care about their health too.

Not only does a gift basket caters for all occasions such as Christmas, Valentine, housewarming or baby shower, it can also be catered to suit the needs of the recipients be it diabetic, vegan/vegetarian or allergic. It has been a standard practice that gift baskets contain food and drink but it not obligatory.

When making your own gift basket as a gift, be sure to pick products that are suitable for the occasion, color scheme, age of the recipient as well as religion, sex, dietary restrictions etc. First, gather all items that are going to be used to make the gift baskets; an empty basket, scissor, glue and ribbons. Before anything else, fill the bottom of the basket with newsprint until you almost reach the rim. You may want to add a piece of floral foam to one side of the container so that it will be able affix any enhancement you will add later. Scout for colored shred paper as they come in various colors and style. The shred papers are to be used to cover the newsprint.

Next, add the products. Add the biggest or tallest product in the middle of the basket and work your way forward. A simple way to do this is to use skewers and strong packaging tape to hold the products. When getting back to the container, make sure you face the products outward so that the rear end of the basket will also look nice.

The fruit gift baskets can be decorated with various types of ornaments after you're done with inserting all products to the basket. You can use paper flower, tulle, decorative tissue paper, balloon etc that will not only serve to enhance the appearance of the gift basket but also to fill in empty spaces that exist. When you're done, you will have to decide whether to shrink wrap or cellophane the gift basket. When choosing between the two, think carefully about the purpose of your gift basket, such as if you're having it made for display for business, you may want to go for shrink wrap as it will be able to protect the gift basket from people sampling and pulling the basket apart.

If you decide to use cellophane remember that when you start to cellophane the basket, it might take a few times before you can get comfortable enough with the process of making the cellophane tight enough to look nice. You can use curling ribbon the hold the cellophane in place and fan out the top.

If your idea of beauty is a handmade bow to for finishing touch, you can easily make one for there are many methods that you can try. Ribbon comes in loads of different colors and width so it would not be a problem to keep to your color scheme. It is important to stick to your initial scheme so that it everything will not be a contrast. Last but not least, do remember to attach a greeting card onto the basket before you go about sending it so that the receiver will know from who it came from.

G.S. Porter sometimes writes for 99GiftBaskets.US, where you can simplify your life by sending a beautiful fruit basket to a loved one. He also recommends an elegant wine gift basket