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Fruits Basket Characters

Gift Baskets are an excellent way to share your love and happiness. As a trend, gifts are mostly handed out in gift wrappers and gift packs, but another very interesting way to hand out the gifts is a Gift Basket. Gift baskets can be presented on many different events and occasions such as New Born Baby, Anniversary, Congratulations Party, Wedding, etc. The Gift Baskets are decorated in many different ways and they can be made at home as well as can be bought from the stores.

If you are buying or making a gift basket, you can learn different ways as to how to arrange the different items in the Gift Basket. If you have different items that are of different sizes, then it is best that you adjust the bigger items in the center or at the back of the Gift Basket as it will give the basket a pyramid look. You can also adjust the different gifts according to the shapes that you come up through your imagination. While buying a gift basket, make sure that your basket must be bigger than the gift items that you are going to set in.

When you are packing up the items in the Gift Basket, make sure that you are filling the Gift Basket with the shredded paper. You can also use tissue paper, plastic grass, raffia or crinkled paper to fill your basket other than the shredded paper. It is wise to apply clear tape at the bottom of the Gift Basket so as to secure it, as sometimes with the weight of the gifts, the lower part of the basket gives away. You can cover the Gift Basket with the cellophane paper and tie it together with a twist tie and at the end add a bow to make sure that your basket is totally secured.

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