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Fruits Basket Avatars

One of the interesting, new developments with the Nintendo Wii system is the Mii Channel. The Mii system allows you to create 3-D avatars on your Wii system. Nintendo is launching an online Mii Channel that will allow users to share these avatars and vote on them. Wii users love the ability to create avatar models of themselves, their friends, and families to take part in traditional video game roles. The increase in video games allowing users to manifest as their own Mii is also sure to increase. As users can save their Mii on their Wii system and use the same avatar to play different games, it is also hoped that this system will advance to allow the avatars to enter into other online virtual worlds. The future for this system has a lot of possibilities for video game players. An advanced Mii system will first have to incorporate better design tools and graphics for the avatars.

Users will want to spend their time to create avatars with all of the characteristics they need to enter and play the video games. These avatars should also be able to incorporate their own tools or gadgets from game to game, or platform to platform. Having the avatars able to be customized in this manner, different avatars with various configurations of features, accessories, spells, and so forth can be saved on the game box like the Wii. If the Mii avatar can be made to apply in a wider variety of game applications, including online MMORG environments, then it will be an interesting success.

The worry is that allowing avatars to carry gadgets from other systems in games that were not designed for them could completely change the game itself. But the advantages of having an avatar with all of the attributes, accessories, and additions one wants ready, before entering the game's environment to participate is clear. The ability to carry acquisitions found in one game by the avatar into another game is also interesting. A lot of new possibilities for video game development exist in the further expansion of the Mii avatar on the Nintendo Wii gaming system, and into other platforms.

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