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Fruits Basket 5

If you are looking to present a family member, friend or a loved one with something special instead of the usual gifts that you seen in the shops then why not consider giving them a gift basket instead. In this article we provide you with some of the best gift basket ideas that we have come across. What is even best about using these particular types of gift basket ideas is that they will not cost you a lot and you can make them to celebrate any occasion.

When looking to make a gift basket then remember what the person is like who you are sending or giving it to. Think about what their favorite hobby or subject may be. What is great about producing your own gift basket idea is that it will be unique for the person you are presenting it to and there will be no others like it. Below we provide you with a few different types of gift basket ideas that you may want to consider for the future.

1. Bread Gift Basket

This is the type of gift basket you can present to some one as a sign of sympathy or as a way of celebrating Thanksgiving. All you need to include in your basket is one large loaf of bread along with either some small rolls or some home made bread such as banana or shortbread. Also do not forget to include a few jars of homemade jam and marmalade as well. You may even want to include some good quality tea and coffee as well into the basket.

2. Graduation or College Gift Basket

For this particular gift basket you could include some rolls of quarters or a bag containing small change which they can then use to phone home with. You may also want to include a small laundry bag along with laundry soap, stain remover and some sheets that they can place in the dryer, along with the instructions that they will need on how to wash their laundry as well.

3. The Pamper Gift Basket

This is the ideal gift to present either to an expectant or a new mum. In it you can include scented candles along with some beautiful bubble bath and soaps that they can enjoy. Plus it is a great idea to include a Vitamin E cream or cocoa butter lotion in the basket as this will help to prevent the stretch marks from becoming pronounced. Also include in the basket a good quality loofah or bath sponge that will help to make their skin look even more beautiful than it already is.

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