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A tea gift basket can be given as a gift to many different people for almost any type of occasion. Is a niece expecting her first child? Did a new neighbor move in down the block? Did a friend just learn she has a serious medical condition?

At any time of year, many people appreciate a coffee and tea basket. Tea has a calming influence and offers a pleasant taste experience. When you make a list of special times, include holidays, anniversaries, retirements, promotions, even birthdays and appreciation days. If you meet a new friend in your bridge club who is also a tea connoisseur, you can score points and build your relationship with the a welcome gift of gourmet tea.

If you looking to renew a friendship or give a charming house warming gift, consider a giving green tea gift basket. Savoring a hot cup of green tea while relaxing on the veranda or in her favorite chair helps your friend think of good times and fond memories.

Since tea is a rich source of manganese, which is necessary for healthy bones, you share your thoughtfulness by giving a healthy gift. Tea contains potassium which regulates the heartbeat. A tea gift basket offers a healthy alternative to alcohol, candy or anything else. Tea is second only to water in worldwide consumption, and Americans drink their fair share. When you give the healthy drink of tea, you are showing your care and thoughtfulness.

When choosing the tea for your tea gift basket, choose a variety of different teas. Green tea is a very popular flavor throughout Asia that has a long history throughout thousands of years. This tea is made from the dried lives of the Camellia sinensis plant, an evergreen perennial shrub. Chai tea, Earl Grey, English Morning Breakfast tea and afternoon teas each have their own charm and usefulness.

Chai tea is Asia's solution to a cup of morning coffee. Chai tea is a careful blend of premium black tea often mixed with milk and a wide variety of spices. English morning breakfast tea offers a calm way to begin a busy day. Afternoon teas provide a way to relax after a busy morning and luncheon. Tea is the drink of royalty that is available to people of all ages, incomes and social class.

When you're looking for a corporate or office gift, gourmet gift baskets let your client know they are special. There a plenty of online choices; you don't have to shop at Starbucks. A coffee and tea gift basket is a practical and useful gift for anyone who enjoys drinking a hot beverage. Many gift baskets include other goodies like cookies, tea biscuits, the ever popular biscotti, candies, even fruit and nuts.

When you give a loved one a tea gift basket, you are giving more than a woven basket, tea packages and pretty wrapping. Giving gift baskets for a tea lover is a precious way to say "I love you" to your friends and family.

Sharon Mahoney is a lover of teas and sharing a relaxing cup of tea with others. Learn more about tea gift baskets at Sharon's website,