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Fruit Pies Recipes

When the holidays roll around, one thing is sure; you will be eating holiday desserts. The thing about the holidays is that there are so many delicious desserts to try many people often end up overeating and gaining weight. The trick is to try all of the desserts, but only a bite at a time.

For example, if you want to try three desserts at Thanksgiving, just take a small bite sized portion of each one. This will allow you to get the flavor that you want from all three desserts without having to actually down the calories of all three if you were to eat them at full sized.

Some of the best holiday desserts are pies. Some families stick with pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving while others like to mix it up with fruit pies. Often times there will be several different pies to choose from at a holiday meal.

During the Christmas season, candy is one of the greatest desserts to choose from. You can often find fudge, cookies, and more on the Christmas dinner table. Some families will make peanut brittle or peppermint fudge as well, which are always delicious and fun. So, if you love the richness of desserts, be sure to indulge in these rich Christmas treats.

Just remember that if you are planning to indulge in holiday desserts that you should do so in moderation. Otherwise you will be spending the entire Spring trying to work off the extra pounds you put on from eating all of the yummy treats!

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