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Fruit Of The Spirit


I. What is your definition of love?

Think about the people in your lives that you really love. When you think about them, what are you feeling? Love is not just a warm fuzzy feeling. If it was we spend our lives having only really loved a few people.

II. How is love (a fruit of the spirit) important in keeping the law of God?

Read Romans 13:8-14

III. What does the bible say that love is?

Read 1st Corinthians 13:1-8

IV. Love requires us to live at peace with each other.

Read 1st Peter 3:8-12

V. Look around at all the people in this room. God has put us together and made us a family. As with any family, we have our ups and downs with relationships, but without a doubt, we love each other. On a slip of paper, I want you to write down one thing about each person that you love and sign your name. Maybe you donít always get along with one person in here. Thatís OK. When they know that you like something about them, it may help bring you closer as friends. And to teach you to see the good in every you know and to help you understand them. To Love them.

Written By Brian Ward