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Fruit Of The Loom

You can seriously make your own personal beading masterpiece with a beading loom. When you’re looking to purchase this type of loom, you want to find one that is sturdy and well-made. Normally they are rectangle or square-shaped, and have raised hooks or grooves for threading and weaving. Though you can find these looms at a lesser price than wooden ones, you’ll find that buying a wood beading loom is well worth the extra money spent. They are the sturdiest and last the longest.

When using this type of loom for the first time, make your first project easy on yourself. Select larger beads to start with, and use your loom on a large flat surface that won’t move around on you. Some beads called “Czech beads” are good to use when you are a beginner. Also, you’ll want to use some nice and strong beading thread for your first projects, like a thread called Nymo. Don’t forget, as well, to use a beading needle that is one size smaller than your bead size. Once you’ve got all the appropriate material, tools, patterns, and a surface, simply follow the instructions for your beading loom and your pattern to create your masterpiece!

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