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Fruit Loops Beats

There has been a lot of research through history into Binaural Beats and surprisingly there is still a lot of confusion about Binaural Beats and what exactly they are!

This article will tell you a bit about the history of Binaural Beats and how they work.

Firstly, in short Binaural Beats are auditory sounds which are perceived by the brain in different ways to regular sounds.

What this means is that depending on the Beats that you are listening too, it can cause different states of relaxation or alertness. In the last few years there has been more and more discovered regarding Binaural Beats and their beneficial effects on the mind and body.

Originally the interest in Beats began way back in 1839 by a fellow called Heinrich Willhelm Dove, although after the initial discovery of these special types of beats there was not that much research done.

It was in the 70's that the Binaural Beats really started to come into the spotlight as an article was published in a popular magazine that described how Binaural Beats are an important tool in neurological and cognitive research.

Part of the reason that Binaural Beats were helpful in this research came from Gerald Oster who wrote the aforementioned article, and he described it as “The Cocktail Party Effect” which just means the ability of animals including humans to pinpoint a particular sound within a sea of noise.

So think if you were at a cocktail party and everyone is talking, you are able to pinpoint a certain voice and tell who it is if you know the voice.

Through the research of Oster, it has also been suggested that Binaural Beats can help diagnose certain medical conditions like Parkinsons Disease.

It was from this research in the 1970's that Binaural Beats were recognised as having a real role in science and scientists are still finding out new things about Binaural Beats to this day!

For more information on Binaural Beats and how they can help you attain different meditative states click the link below:

Binaural Beats