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Fruit Fly Maggot

A maggot is laid in some cow dung. It feeds on the dung until it passes from larva stage to pupal stage and then to become an adult.

It then searches for any sweet or decaying matter, preferably in liquid form, to feed on. If it cannot find any liquid food, it will regurgitate its saliva on to the solid food in order to soften and liquefy it, making it possible to drink.

The house fly’s habit of taking food from decaying matter or from faeces - and then visiting our kitchens - is the cause of more than 100 types of human disease.

If the worst possible creature could have been invented, it would have been the house fly. The only reason I can think for the existence of this creature is to make spiders look good!

So, when you next see a fly sitting on your kitchen work top, just think where it came from and what kind of disease it might be about to bring into your home. Now you know why those fly killer machines are to be found in butchers, bakers, restaurant kitchens and food production facilities.

Now hear this: if you have just come home from work and you have spotted a fly in your kitchen you can go ahead and swat it. No problem. But just ask yourself how long has that fly been resident in your kitchen? Where has it landed? What germs has it already left behind? And how many of its friends have also visited while you were out? And ask yourself this: where do those occasional tummy aches come from? Well it is a well-known fact that a good deal of them originate from germs left by house flies.

Of course, if you had a fly killer machine fitted in your kitchen you will have protection round the clock. No more swatting – just relax and know that when you eat your food it will have no added ingredients courtesy of a nearby dung pat!

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