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Fruit Flies

If you are interested to know how to get rid of fruit flies, the primary key is locate the fruit fly and eliminate their breeding sources. Fruit flies are very small flying insect and prefer breeding in moist areas as larvae of these insects can survive only in moist areas having plenty of organic matter. You can find several sprays and other organic material used to kill flies.

First of all it is very necessary to correctly identify the larvae sources in some moist places mainly the places where fruits and vegetables are stored. The other preferred breeding places include garbage pots, sink and other water drain systems and recycle bins. Fruit flies can give a large number of eggs and up to 500 at a time, however their lifecycle completes with in a week. We generally consider fruit flies a pest while these can contaminate our food with some of the dangerous bacteria so it is important for us to locate their breeding source and destroy completely to get rid of fruit flies.

The one very useful method to get rid of fruit flies is to trap these flies in some jar. For trapping these flies, you need a cleaned jar. Put a banana in the jar and wrap it with a aluminum foil or plastic wrap so that there is no space along the sides and corner. Now just make a few holes (4 to 5) in the aluminum foil and keep the jar around the space where you have seen many fruit flies. You will observe that the banana smell attracts these flies and once they enter inside the jar, they cannot come out of the jar. You will observe that this jar is completely filled within a few hours even if you still see fruit flies, you can wait for 24 hours.

This is one of the easiest and cost effective method to get rid of fruit flies and you can repeat the process again and again. The only thing is to ensure that the jar is cleaned and do not smell otherwise the banana smell may not attract the flies. So with this simple technique you know how to get rid of fruit flies.

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