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Fruit Bouquets

What do you think of when you think of bouquets?

Most people just think of flowers.

Whilst bouquets DO usually have flowers, no-one said they can't be made with other things as well. There are all sorts of different bouquets you can make, including fruit bouquets, candy bouquets, and cookie bouquets...

*** Fruit Bouquets ***

When you make a fruit bouquet, you should still use flowers, just add some fruit in as well.

Now... certain fruits will look right, while others wont. Small fruits, like apples and oranges are good, whereas bigger fruits like watermelon won't really work! For more interesting colors, something like a peach can add some interesting tones.

A fruit bouquet makes a perfect gift for someone who is sick in hospital. They'll love how it looks, and eating the fruit will help them get better!

*** Candy Bouquets ***

For a totally different look, how about a candy bouquet? Kids will love this, particularly if you put their favourite candy in it. Wrapped candies are ideal, as they can just be wired and added to the bouquet without any extra work.

Unwrapped candies can still be used though, they just need to be wrapped in cellophane... I usually use clear cellophane, but colored cellophane can be used for an interesting effect.

*** Cookie Bouquets ***

Another option is a cookie bouquet. You'll need to wrap that cookies in cellophane quite tightly to make sure the cookies don't go stale. If the cookies look nice (with big choc-chips), then clear cellophane is probably best.

Cookie bouquets will be particularly popular if you bake your own delicious cookies.

As you can see, there are quite a few different option for bouquets. There are other types of bouquets you can make as well (such as a toy bouquet!), but fruit bouquets, candy bouquets, and cookie bouquets are the most popular. Why not try and make your own today?

Peta Fletcher has been making bouquets for over 14 years. Her website has lots of free information, including information of making a candy bouquet and how to make a cookie bouquet