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Fruit Basket

Fruit baskets represent caring and they are usually bright and cheerful. And they are an ideal present for the hard-to-buy for person who already seems to have everything. Just to look at one sitting on your nightstand when you are laid up in hospital with a broken leg, cheers one up no end. It seems to be encouraging you to get out and about and pick a piece from within its attractive basket.

The bad thing though is that they don’t last forever and really do have to be eaten without too long a delay. One could say the fruit is ripe for the picking.

The price varies according to the basket size, seasons and geographic location.

In Australia, a fruit basket is usually comprised of a couple of well-rounded and orange oranges, some red delicious Apples, whatever stone fruit is in season, some black and some white Grapes along with the ever present Bananas.

The Banana adds that bright and cheery ‘yellowness’ to perk the color combinations alive. And the taste buds start to produce saliva and improving one’s appetite, along with their health because the Banana’s vitamin qualities are well researched and documented.

Eighteen months ago, a cyclone went through Northern Queensland and nearly destroyed one of our major Banana producing regions. Bananas became so expensive that few people bought them. I think for me, it was one of the strangest times because my fruit basket in the kitchen was devoid of the cheerful yellow fruit.

In other countries I have lived in, I have had such strange assortments of fruit; I had to be shown how to eat some of the pieces. But there is one fruit you will never find in a fruit basket and that is the Durian.

I have never got beyond the odor of the fruit but I am assured by those who have eaten it adore it. But I couldn’t even stand to have it around me even outside the kitchen door. The only polite way of saying what the problem with it is, is to say that the smell absolutely stinks and it lingers! You always know where Durian has been eaten because the smell lingers for hours and that is why you will never find that fruit given in a fruit basket. Click here NOW for this Months FREE Download Adsense Decoded is the GPS for earning Adsense Income