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Fruit And Vegetable Diet

Where medicines and injections fail to cure a disease, a proper diet, vegetables and fruit juices show miraculous results. Having been assured of the above fact, Dr. Bircher Banner, an eminent physician of Switzerland, left his roaring practice and established a nature-cure centre at Zurich. He relieves the people of their ailments by the use of raw food, vegetables and fruit juices.

Raw food, vegetable and fruit-juices should be consumed for general health and well being. But to get relief from a particular disease specific juice therapy should be resorted under the guidance of an expert. Dr. Max Gerson has treated cancer-patients with fruit and vegetable juices and saved them from the jaws of death. He states that in the treatment of cancer it is necessary to get the catabolic cells activated. For that, he makes use of the plenty of live juices of vegetables.

Fruit juices are more effective than medicines on the kidney. Juice-therapy is an fficacious cure for ailments of the liver and the kidney. Cherry juice bestows marvelous benefits in the cases of gout and arthritis. A diet containing vegetable and fruit juices and raw food has been proved a successful experiment fro preventing aging and for rejuvenation of the body. There is no alternative for the rapid replacement of red corpuscles and cells in the human body.

The treatment given through vegetable and fruit juices is harmless, reliable and without any side-effects. Even if sometimes fruit juices are taken in abundance, no hyper vitaminosis can occur. Therefore, it is logical to prefer juice therapy to any other risky remedy in illness.

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