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Fresh Peach Pie Recipe

Something we do at Thanksgiving is to start planning for Christmas dinner. Every one writes down what they would like to bring that day. They also explain why they would like to bring that particular item. Then we discuss the various choices. It usually works out fine, but when there are four people wanting to bring the same dish it can get quite interesting.

Take lemon pie for instance. Somebody wanted to make it because it was easy. All they had to do is buy a ready-made graham cracker pie shell and a box of instant pudding. Another one argued that they made it with the cook and serve pudding in a box and a ready-made shell. The other two people are probably still at odds about whether to use reconstituted lemon juice from a bottle or the pie filling in a can. The only thing all of them agreed on was to put whipped topping on top of the pie. A time out almost had to be called!

In my mind they are all wrong. To make a lemon meringue pie you have to start with a real pie crust and you need fresh lemons. It should be topped with meringue. The pie mix in a box is not real. The lemon juice concentrate makes a skunky tasting product and I refuse to comment on the lemon filling out of a can. YUK! I would not eat glue, would you?

I really hope nobody brings lemon pie at Christmas because I am going to make my own with the recipe found on my website. Then I know it will be the real thing.

Everything I write about is from personal observation and life experiences. I love to cook and prepare foods in different ways. I like sharing my experiences about food and cooking. My website was created because of my interest in quality cookware and cooking.