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Fresh Peach Cobbler

Act 1

Scene One

[In the Constellation Libra, the Cobbler is mumbling to himself about getting a group together, thinking out loud, walking – pacing back and forth about what is on his mind…]:


The Cobbler. [He is talking to himself and to the reader, audience I can hear him]. I had gathered together a Think Tank; I should say I am doing it at this very moment. It has been a long time since we had a gathering, our people, those throughout the Universe die, are born, and die, woops, I already said that didn’t I, I repeat myself nowadays, so it seems. We have a life expediency of around 100,000-years or so, or kind; take or give a few thousand; something like that. We eat, but we don’t taste. We think, but we do not have dreams. We give birth to children, but do not have sex. We drink for the experience of it, just as we breathe, but we do not have any motion in doing it. We have lost several other things, and we just can’t figure out what they are; --that is why I am calling the Think Tank together, I have an idea, and I think I know what we are missing. If we could, and I think we can, I want to could create a race that would benefit from us, by us putting these lost items into there genetic makeup, all the better, I say, all the better for all. I fear at 48,500-years old, I have little time left to get the ball rolling.

Legend [and although there is truth to legend, legend is as it is, legend, myth, fable, celebrity, do not forget that] so says legend, at one time there was what they called a god or God, the difference being if I write, or say it as: “god” it is indicating you know of him, and if you write or say it: ‘God’, it is that you are being of Him—if that makes any sense, but we will not question legend or the God factor all that much, we shall take it as it falls, and it shall fall into its rightful place, as does all other things. And I guess my kind, I am calling myself a spices now, as if we have already created a new being, since I am going to try and convince the committee to create a new one, we know ‘god’ in that kind of way, meaning, of him, if you get my meaning. And I want to try to remake the lost connection.

Let me go on with this, this ‘Think Tank,’ thing, I am calling together is to find out what the ‘God, god’ did by taking something out of us, or put another way, away from us—if indeed He is the culprit, or perhaps we are ourselves. I know He got mad eons ago, and walked away from us. He kept what you call angelic beings with him, and extracted something from us. He said, and I must quote this from the letters written down by, oh, I forgot his name, whatever, whoever, it doesn’t’ matter all that much except for the freak-factors, those folks that like to dot the ‘i’ and ‘t’ ‘s, on everything: the Libra Man who lived back then is whom I’m talking about, that is why I am here, and not in some other far off place –it gives some kind of lost emotion to me; let’s leave it at that; anyhow, he said,

“Seek it out and when you find it, you will find me,” there should be a period there I suppose, but it was something like that; I can’t remember anything else, if indeed He said anything else: that was enough, as short as it is, it was penetrating to say the least. I don’t want to offend Him again, if I do, holy sh... Hell will break out in the Universe, and all eyes will be on me, they will want a scapegoat will they not, and I look like a good one, one ripe for picking, that is, if I was to do the picking, and I was them.

I just want to replace something missing, simple as that, but I know, and I’m sure you know, nothing, I mean nothing is as simply as one thinks it should be…expects it to be, or another one tells you it is, they and you are kidding yourself, or perhaps you want the other guy to believe it: selling him some dead planet are you, and expect him to restore it to its previous vitality over night I suppose—not possible, not in this universe anyhow

to the Think Tank, I’m going to try and explain what I have found in the past 28,000-years; if we can put this together, in short, can we or can we not, create a race of beings, and they will have what we do not have, what we lost. Damn, I hope they will listen to me. They are coming from all over the Universe. They know of this “God, god” being, but very little of him. But I got an idea.

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