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Forbidden Fruit

When you receive the Seal you become a little garden. God will plant it in you just like He created the Garden of Eden on the earth when He first created it. And He will plant the eidognostic tree in you. The eidognostic tree is commonly known as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This was the tree that Eve ate of when the serpent tempted and her. At that time Adam ate of the tree too.

Both Adam and Eve at the Forbidden Fruit. It was forbidden because God told them they could eat of any other tree but not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When Adam and Eve at the Forbidden Fruit they caused the Fall of man. Mankind has since been in a fallen state since the very first man disobeyed God and did what was forbidden.

God also planted the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, and He plants the Tree of Life in the person He seals also. The Tree of Life bears fruit that gives eternal Life unto those who eat of it. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil once bore the Forbidden Fruit but it is no longer forbidden. When God plants this same tree in your garden when you are sealed you have this wisdom.

It is a moral wisdom. It is a wisdom that causes you to judge the way God judges. You share your thoughts and feelings with Him. You talk and you listen. So you know at least a little of how He thinks and feels about matters. But you also have this tree bearing fruit within you. Ever since the Fall people have been under the curse. God cursed Adam and Eve and all the following generations. This curse has been replaced by a blessing for those who believe Jesus Christ. But not everyone who calls Jesus "Lord" is blessed by Him. Many Christians are not so blessed.

When you receive the Seal you are blessed by God, for He is the One who seals you. He writes His own Name upon you and you belong to Him. And He sows His garden in you and you bear fruit for Him.

The fruit of the eidognostic tree is the fruit of the image of knowledge, just like your Seal is the Image of the Name of God. This is why God gives you this fruit--because you have become sealed. The Image of the Name of God bears the fruit of the image of knowledge. And that knowledge is of good and evil. Though Adam brought the curse as punishment upon all people he did not give them the knowledge of good and evil with it.

But you will have this knowledge--the divine moral knowledge. You will see as God sees good and evil. You will be able to judge with judgments like those God decides about a matter. And since you bear the eidognostic knowledge of good and evil as fruit you may share this knowledge with others. Good judges have always made good leaders. And when sealed you will be a good judge and thus a good leader.

When you are sealed you will want to share your knowledge with others. This means some leading and some teaching, but not only eidognostic judgment. You will want to teach also about how others can receive the Seal.

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