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Five Simple Ways To Choose Wines

Wine is used as an accompaniment to food on several occasions. How do you choose the right type of wine? Here are some tips on this.

Choosing wine really depends on the type of food that you are going to have. Another thing about wine is that when you take a particular type of wine or a wine from a particular region, the food of the people in that region goes with the wine from that region. So this is another point to keep in mind when selecting wine.

You should know the regions from where wine comes from. The important wine-making regions are the United States, France, Italy, Spain Chile and Australia. Some of the best grapes and wine making houses come from these places. You could do well to check out of the food served with wine here so that you can serve similar dishes when serving wine.

Wine is made by fermenting grapes, and so the type of grape that goes into making the wine is of much importance. You should choose wine depending on type of grapes used in make it as each grape offer its own distinct flavor to the wine and certain flavors are specifically suitable to certain occasions.

Rich red wines are made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and they compliment a dinner or lunch where food is rich and heavy. A softer version the wine from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes is the wine from Pinot Noir grapes, which is equally tasty, albeit a little mild. Many people like light red wine and use them for many occasions and this wine are usually made form Merlot grapes.

If you are planning to serve wine with a spicy taste, the wine made from Zinfandel grapes is the right choice as it is spicy and has a strong flavor. White wine that blends well with food is made from Chardonnay grapes, while you can get a real crisp wine flavor from the white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. This wine is often served on family occasions and family gatherings as well. Champagne and other sparkling wines are great for celebrating, store well, and can be a nice change when served with appetizers.

You should also choose wine depending on the wines age. The older the wine the stronger its tastes and flavor. This is specially so for red wine, but for white wine there is no need to wait for it to age is required and it is ready to be served after it is made.

As you serve wine at dinner, progress from the lighter ones to the heavier ones, white to reds, as this prevents the flavor from one wine type from overpowering the other. As you get to taste different wines you will understand which wine suits you the best and complements which type of foods and this helps you to choose the right ones.

Ronald Lewis is a Oenologist with ten years of experience in his field.