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Edible Arrangements Fruit

Bored with standard or typical flower arrangements? Want to create a new design? Why not make an arrangement of flowers, fruits, and even vegetables?

Here are the steps in making this unique flower arrangement:

1. Go through your kitchen cabinets and look for a large container that is big enough for your decors and will fit accordingly to your dinner table. A pasta dish, soup tureen, or fruit bowl will do. Also, consider the texture, size, and color of the container because it can affect the over-all appearance of your arrangement.

2. Soak a chunk of floral foam and let it dry. Cut or shape it in a way that will make it fit in the bottom of your container.

3. Place the foam in the container, fitting it securely. Add some flower food if you must.

5. Prepare cut and conditioned flowers that are ready to be positioned in the foam. Your flowers may include roses, calla lilies, gerberas, freesias, tulips, and celosias. Also, buy some branches and greenery for fillers.

6. Begin placing the flowers in the foam. Trust your intuition. Keep on adding flowers of different colors and textures until you are satisfied. Once in a while, turn the arrangement from different angles so that you are able to see it in different perspectives. Do not hesitate to cut, add, and amend.

7. Once you have your flowers standing, fill in the spaces with fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, red peppers, and slender Italian eggplants. For a more extravagant look, use floral sticks and wires. Allow fruits such as grapes to establish an effect of hanging over the side of the container as flowers peek out between fresh vegetables.

8. Remember to water the floral foam of your arrangement on a regular basis for a longer and healthier life.

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