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Easy Peach Cobbler

Act III Mars

Scene One

[On the planet of Mars, the Cobbler is readying himself to have a third gathering of the elite, a group known as the “Think Tank,” of the Universe, the Cobbler is presently pacing and thinking out loud, pacing like a panther, – it has been 9,000 years since their last meeting of the minds; at this point a few of the elite have died, leaving only five left, the Cobbler, the Captain, the Pope, Florencia and the Governor]


[The same as from Act I, Scene three: Advance to: Scene One, Act Three] And as a result two persons were created and put into a garden, this part of the story we all of course know. But Hu, gained a rib somewhere along the way, and Man lost one; and during this time He was left alone to name the animals of this planet called earth, the one he was placed on, you could say. When they got together, that is to say, when God, decided to check things out, He took the human beings, and named them Adam and Eve, it was His gift to the Think Tank.]

At this point God had intervened, as was the hope, and plans of the Think Tank, and man received his spirituality, in that, they realized there was a power greater than them.

On the surface of the planet Mars —Narrator

The Cobbler—it would seem—is having his meetings closer and closer to the Earth as time goes by, or so his companions feel, and now there are only five of them left. Unfortunately, they are long lived, but they do die, and some have died from the Think Tank. The King with his temper, thought the Cobbler, had lived longer than expected, and the General with his demanding-attitude had outlived his stay in the Universe also; systems no matter what kind they are need to have tranquility, not constant stress, the Cobbler tells himself; so again, he is not surprised with the news of their deaths, yet a little sad, and this can be seen on his face as he hears the news by the others talking about the deaths of their comrades.

The Colonel, well, he liked him in particular, being a military man like the Cobbler used to be in his younger days, but death is inevitable he ponders, of which he had come to the conclusion long ago but now death is in his backyard, nothing—but nothing is at random he concludes, and all things cascade to its death, sooner or later: as he has preached to so many, in so many meetings in the past.

Even with all the different dimensions that he had experience in his long life 100,000 years of life is not long he feels, when you think of eternity, actually he was something like 87,000 years old at this stage, give or take a few hundred years. Thus, he was feeling death nearing; at 25,000-years old, you do not feel it, at 87,000 years old, you have spent 87% of your life, and now this was noticeable, and his days were on the down side of eternity. Change brings things forward, and buries other things, tucking them away as if they never were. Thus, death could no longer be overlooked.

We see the Cobbler explaining to his guests as they arrive on Mars how: he likes the winter season here, because the rocks are more tinted with reds and whites, colors he likes; basically, they are made up of frost and dust. Along with some of the coarse-grained larger rocks leaving the view a pretty picture. It is a small planet he agrees, but the selection was not made on size, rather again, on the winter period which is about 100-days long [23-earth months], and the glorious view it brings to the descriptive mind, the reddish dust is a pretty sight he declares again, and again, adding to the picture a perfect setting for this meeting and his guests. He has left the hu-man thing alone, and is feeling the beauty of the creation of the Universe.

The cobbler, is an artist student from long ago, from the academy of Universal Studies, a College he can’t remember going to, being at, the name of he has in his head: he does remember only that: in some Galaxy he can remember the name of either, but he was there nonetheless, this he knows; however, the five are now standing around, looking at a huge rock and seemingly trying to figure out if they should use it to sit on, or just float in a circle and use a little energy they have, which is next to nothing;

‘This area,’ explains the Cobbler, ‘will someday be called ‘Chryse Planitia,’ by the Earthlings.

[The Governor exclaims]: ‘You have been dabbling into future events again, I see Mr. Cobbler!’ [A rhetorical question I think.]

For the most part it is a barren landscape, yet it has many sand dunes throughout its environment, again, a tranquilizing picture for the Cobbler. Plus, the one outstanding thing he wants to have at this moment, is his elite group to enjoy this unmovable, indisputable, sunset it, Mars has to offer to his kind, and reminds them of the species they have created, that can enjoy looking at it also. It is unlike any other he has ever seen. With such colors, soft hues and dim rolling dunes: because it is close to the sun, comes in whites, blues and reds; and as all these lights, and particles reflect back and forth from the sun to planet, a raw looking, but beautiful, red and white surface appears with multidimensional reflections; consequently, one that you can only stand in awe of [perhaps to show this on stage one can put some psycodelic lights in motion], and wonder how its creator, painted such an ongoing beautiful picture. It is like a big golden red egg, looking over the horizon onto a planet of red lava, while the rays of the sun press outward, as if to create a circle like effect, not quite like that of Venus, of which it is a 360-angle degree circle, rather more like a 45-degree outward burst.

Scene Two

[You see everyone looking at the sunset on Mars, and the Cobbler, smiling, knowing God has heard them]

The Group wants to know they can do about the earthlings, but the Cobbler has checked out the future, just a little, and he knows God will provide the spirituality they need, and do a little better job than they, in balancing their system out. He knows God has already picked out a name for each of the creatures, and will combine the hu man, to one word, humans, but he can’t tell anyone, lest they lose their faith, and chance for salvation, if indeed that is on God’s menu.

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