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Drink With Brandy And Orange Liqueur

Summer is over, but the fun just begins. Autumn brings along, all over the world, holidays to celebrate nature and crops, but there is a certain holiday celebrating the spirits of those who have died: Halloween.

While Halloween is really loved by kids for all that trick-or-treat fun, there's no reason why grownups should not get their own "creepy" treats. You can impress your guests with one of the spine-chilling cocktails listed below, or why not, create a new one in which you'll drop a gummy worm or other weird garnishes.

Halloween does have a few predominant colors: black, red, orange and yellow. Can you master a black cocktail? One that has some devil eyeballs in it? Creepy! Black cocktails are a recent trend. They had an amazing public impact in 2003 when many bars, clubs and luxury restaurants included on their menus some surprisingly flavorsome black drinks, such as Midnight Cosmopolitan, Black Mystique or Blacker Dahlia. Probably one of the most interesting black cocktails is the famous Black Velvet: half Guinness Beer, half Champagne (beer first).

While black cocktails could certainly be creepy and elegant, don't forget the other Halloween colors. Red drinks are as amazing and tasty as the black ones. They lack the soberness of a black drink, but they give a feeling of romance and passion, that's if you need such feelings on Halloween.

The creepy touch comes with a special cocktail such as the Atomic Bomb, our first spine-chilling cocktail recommendation. In a shot glass pour equal parts of Sambuca and Bailey's, then pour over the back of a spoon a dash of grenadine. That's it. Decide for yourself why this cocktail wears its name.

What about a creepy orange cocktail? We've got that too: Passoa Death. Passoa is a sweet liqueur with passion fruit flavor. For this special cocktail, you need vodka, passoa, melon liqueur, orange juice and sprite or 7up. Shake 30 ml vodka with 20 ml passoa and ice. Into a highball glass pour 10 ml melon liqueur over ice and then strain over it the vodka-passoa mix. Fill up with equal amounts of orange juice and sprite and you've got a wonderful cocktail that has nothing to do with death. except its name. But hey, the name itself is creepy enough to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Our third recommendation for Halloween is another drink with a scary name: Red Devil. Shake 20 ml vodka, 5 ml cassis liqueur, pineapple juice and ice and strain the mix into a martini glass. Wow! It's red, it's frightening and with the right garnish it will certainly make the perfect Halloween statement. Your guests will really wonder: is it a trick or a treat?

On place four we have a black cocktail: Black Magic. Shake 30 ml vodka, 30 ml Kahlua and a dash of lemon juice with crushed ice. Strain the mix into a glass and garnish it with a creepy Halloween figure.

Last, but not least, we recommend a very elegant, yet mysterious cocktail: Black Shadow. This is not a black drink, but green. In fact, its color is creepy enough. Shake 20 ml blue Curacao with 5 ml cassis liqueur and ice. Pour into a flute glass and top up with chilled Champagne.

Happy Halloween!

Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Bartending