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Dont Overlook The Gift Basket When Buying A Business Thank You Gift

You just finished a great deal with a business associate. You both have made money and you both are happy. What do you do now? You should buy this person a business thank you gift. Why?

It shows your gratitude for all the hard work this person did.
It is a way in which this person will remember you more
It is a way to create future deals with this person.

What do you buy? How about a nice gift basket?

Gift baskets are perfect for any occasion and for stating any message. You can fill your own gift baskets or you can buy them filled, all ready wrapped in cellophane and ready to enjoy.

What kinds of gift baskets are appropriate to give to a business associate?

1. Baskets filled with gourmet coffees, cocoas or teas.

2. Baskets filled with specialty candies from across the world.

3. Baskets filled with a fine wine and two beautiful wine glasses. Want the basket to be even bigger and bolder, add some aged cheese and gourmet crackers.

4. Fruit baskets. If you can, add some rare fruits that a person wouldn't normally buy.

5. Gourmet food baskets filled with crackers, cheeses and fruits.

6. A tempting cookie basket. The cookies can be a variety bunch or filled with one tempting flavor. You can even have cookies baked on sticks to look like flowers. They pop out of the basket (wrapped, of course), looking not only tempting but colorful as well.

7. How about a basket for relaxation. Add a gift certificate to the local movie rental dealer, a couple bags of popcorn, a bottle of wine or a couple bottles of soda, some fresh batteries for the remote (be on the safe side, add AA and AAA) and two warm pairs of soft socks. Remember nobody wants to watch a movie alone.

To set off the basket, attach some pretty, bright balloons. You can even buy these with the words Thank you boldly printed on them and your business thank you gift will sure to be a hit.