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Custom Gift Basket

Making a custom gift basket is easy and satisfying. A handmade gift basket is a special way to let others know that you care. By making a custom gift basket you create a unique gift for your friends and family. The following six easy steps give you a step by step guide on how to make a gift basket:

1. Choose a theme. It's essential that you consider the personality of the individual in which you are making a gift basket for. For instance, you will want to consider what that child likes to do or what that child may like to eat before if you are making a gift basket for a child.

2. After you have determined the theme of the custom gift basket you will be making, you can begin collecting the material required to make your gift basket. What are the basic items you need? You will need a basket, the items you want to put in the basket, bows and wrapping and other creative tools you might come up with. The more imaginative your items, the better.

3. For creating a custom gift basket, you will not have to purchase an ordinary basket. You can for example use an old picnic basket, a large bowl, a plastic or metal bucket or a cardboard box with decorative wrap applied to it! Buy a container that is sufficiently sized to hold all of the contents you plan to put in the basket.

4. Use your creativity to make a custom gift basket. Take up the basket and consider how you would like to decorate it. Do you want to add glitter, flowers, or sequins? Maybe you want to add special filler in the bottom of the basket like artificial grass or a satin cloth. There are hundreds of things you can do to make an amazing gift basket, you are limited only by your imagination!

5. Now you can begin adding items to the gift basket. Arrange them so that they look professionally laid out! You want your basket to look as beautiful and professional as possible. Arrange the items within the basket in a fashion that is visually appealing. You can also tie things into place or use tie twisters to keep everything arranged.

6. The last step: Wrap the gift basket in some sort of wrapping to keep everything together. Clear or colored plastic wrap can be purchased at any grocery store and can be easily tied off with some curly ribbon and topped with a beautiful bow.

Following these simple steps and your family and friends will be very pleased with a truly special and custom gift basket.

About The Author - Andy McDowell is the owner of Custom Gift Basket - the free Resource for Gift Basket Ideas, Articles and Tips.