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Cliff Notes For The Grapes Of Wrath

Are you interested in playing synthesizers? If you seriously want to play it properly, then you need to know how to read musical notes of synthesizers. Learning to play the instrument is not enough. You should know its each and every note. And to do that, you need a notation.

Synthesizers have a piano like keyboard. That is why its notation is of two different types. One is the bass cliff notation and the other one is a treble cliff notation. You have to clear up this cliff concept first, if you want to learn how to read musical notes of synthesizers.

The bass cliff notation is for the left hand and the treble cliff notation is for the right hand.

In a notation book you will get to see five straight lines. And in between two lines there is a space. Both are very important parts of notation. There are four spaces in a notation.

In bass cliff, the lines are named as g, b, d, f, a and the spaces are named as a, c, e, g. where as in the treble cliff, the lines are e, g, b, d, f and the spaces are f, a, c, e.

A very important part of how to read musical notes of synthesizers is to understand the notation properly. You need to identify the notes properly. In a notation, you will find some notes like, crochet, quaver, semi quaver, and demy semi quaver.

The note, which have a stem and a dot attached on the bottom or the top of the stem is called a crotchet. A crotchet is actually a complete beat. One crotchet means one whole beat. Now, if you break that one full beat into two half beats, then each of that half beat will be called a quaver. A quaver looks almost like the crotchet. But it just has a tail. You can even break those half beats into quarter beats. Then it will be called a semi quaver. Semi quavers have two tails. If you break this beat more, then you will find demy semi quaver, which has three tails.

Apart from these there are some other notes also. You have to know them all if you want to know how to read musical notes of synthesizers. If you see three adjoined crotchets, then you will know that it is called a triplet. A triplet is a compilation of three different notes, which has to be played in the time of one beat.

You will find a down facing bracket over two notes. This is called a tie. If there is a tie above two notes, then it means that you will not have to play the second note.

Some of the notations consist an s, which is divided by two lines. This is called sign back. It means you have to play till this sign and then you have to go back to the top again. At the end of a notation you can find a word called fine. It means end. And this sign says that the notation ends there.

At the left hand side of the top of the notation, you will see two digits written. These are called time signatures. It depicts the beat. Sometimes just beside the time signature, you will find a sharp or flat sign. This is called key signature. It is used to mention the scale.

This is the basic procedure of how to read musical notes of synthesizers. If you go through it, then you will not find any problem to read or understand the notation.

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