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Champagne Grapes

Champagne is a celebratory drink used to toast newlyweds or commemorate milestones. It can be an aperitif, it can be served during a meal, or it can be served with dessert. Vintage Champagne, the product of a single harvest, is preferred as it is bottled only in years when conditions in the vineyard have been favorable; non-vintage Champagne is released at regular intervals. Champagne cocktails like Bellini (with fresh peach puree and juice), Black Velvet (with stout), Mimosa (with orange juice), and Poinsettia (with cranberry juice) are quite popular at chic bars as they are more genteel than Martinis.

Champagne originates from vineyards in the French region of Champagne. Hence, if you see a bottle with “Champagne” on the label, it is an assurance that this wine has been produced in the northern French region. Sparkling wine made anywhere else in the world, even if the traditional ""methode champenois"" is used, is just sparkling wine. Therefore, Champagne is always spelled with a capital C. The "champenois" (producers) are protective of the name "Champagne" and take legal action against anyone who uses it improperly.

There are three grapes (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay) used to make Champagne although manufacturers often legally include small quantities of other grape varieties. The first two are black grapes, while the latter is white. The label specifies the contents: "Blancs de Blancs" is Champagne produced from white grapes and is a very delicate wine. "Blanc de Noirs" is Champagne produced from black grapes; it is concentrated, with a strong fruit flavor and bouquet. If neither description appears on the label, chances are that the wine is a blend of the three grapes.

A large part of its appeal is due to the bubbles that spill forth when a bottle of Champagne is uncorked. These bubbles are caused by tiny drops of liquid disturbed by the escaping carbon dioxide or carbonic acid gas that is a natural spin-off of the double fermentation procedure exclusive to Champagne. Cheers!

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