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Canning Peaches

Tomatoe, canning and juicer. What an odd name for an article!!!! How am I going to possibly tie all of these three words together. The answer is really quite simple. There is no easier way to provide a great anti-oxidant all winter long then canning some tomatoes and then using tomatoe canning with a juicer in a breakfast juice, so you can maximize the anti-oxidants that the body receives.

Tomatoes are very high in nutrients that kill unwanted cells. Taking them in high quantity like a breakfast juice every morning will be very beneficial for the body. Tomatoe canning and your juicer is a great way to keep the cancer cells at bay.

When tomatoes are in season I will usually by a huge box and can them. I always buy organic, can them in mason jars and that way I can be sure that I have fresh tomatoes for the winter when I need to keep my antioxidant levels high.

I of course always use my Vita mix blender and will usually blend two tomatoes in my juice mix. I will add fresh fruit to give the juice a nice sweetened taste.

Usually what I will do in the morning is add a couple swiss chard leaves to my vitamix blender, add some frozen fruit like cherries or peaches, maybe even an apple or banana if I have it on hand. I will add a couple of canned tomatoes and then add things like flaxseed or Vegan protein powder to make a wholistic drink that tastes good and is good for the cells of my body.

Tomatoe canning and juicer. They could just save your life!

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