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Calories In Grapes

Have you ever feel hungry and can not resist the temptation to put some foods into your mouth? At the same time, you are afraid that you might put more weight on your body which is something you hate the most.

You are in dilemma. If you eat, you will get more weight. If you don't, you will starve and that is not a good feeling either. That's why I am here to take away your dilemma and misery and restore joy and satisfaction back into your life.

Today is your day! In a few moments, I'm going to share with you 8 types of food that have negative calories. Negative calories means it takes more calories from your body to digest the food and absorb the nutrient than the calories of the food itself.

So, the more you consume the food, the more fat and energy you burn from your body. Here are some examples of the food that have negative calories:

  1. Cabbage - cook with something else which contains oil and other high calories food does not count.
  2. Celery - Supplementing celery and cabbage with your daily salad is a good idea.
  3. Lettuce - A great addition to sandwich and salad too.
  4. Carrot - You can eat it raw like what rabbits do (of course you need to wash it first) or mix it with salad.
  5. Cucumber - Besides burning your fat, it also contains high nutrient value. A perfect inclusion for stir-fry.
  6. Watermelon - An excellent smoothies and great for fruit salad.
  7. Mandarin Orange - Excellent for snacking raw or mix with your fruit salad.
  8. Grapes - Eating a bowl of grapes while sitting in your garden is very enjoyable.

It isn't that hard, is it? Why not try it today? You don't have to starve or in dilemma again.

Imagine this, you eat a plate of food A which contains 10 calories of energy. It takes your body 15 calories of energy to digest the food and absorb the nutrient. So, it burns up 5 calories of energy from your body for every plate of food A you consume.

Do the math, the more you eat, the more fat you burn! If you practice this diet for a month, you will look very fit and feel healthy.

How good is that?

Raymond Chua is a Fitness and Wight Loss Expert that is working extremely hard to help people to build their abs and lose their weight. He shares his real-life experience, little known tips and practical ways to build abs and lose weights in his website at