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Best Fruit Pizza Recipes

That is the reaction for most people. But as soon as you try these simple low cholesterol pizza recipes, you'll know it's true.

Personally I love pizza. I can't live without the smell of freshly baked, cheesy tasting pizza with bunch of veggies or other stuff.

Every time I watch movie at home, I have to bake a pizza. Otherwise I do not enjoy myself watching the movie. Which is about once a week.

I think that having pizza once a week is not a bad thing. If you do not overeat of course. And if you know how to cook low fat low cholesterol pizza, you have nothing to be ashamed for.

Ok, let's stop talking, put on some chefs uniform and presto; you have just become healthy pizza chef.

Healthy Pizza Recipe Preparation:

When trying to prepare healthy pizza, start with a fat-free pizza dough or crust. I love to prepare pizza out of pita bread. For all pizza, use substitution like fat-free cheese, fat free tomato sauce, crushed red pepper or garlic (which has cholesterol lowering properties).

Just be creative. Follow the samples of low cholesterol pizza recipes below and let your imagination create something great.

Here are samples of my favorite pizza recipes

Breakfast Pizza

You can just scramble some egg whites and put it on the top of your pitta bread or fat-free pizza crust. If you can find whole-wheat one, you are better off.

Top it with:

-smoked turkey "bacon"

-grated fat-free cheddar cheese

-diced green onions

Bake or broil your pizza until cheese melts. Cool down for a 5 minutes and enjoy.

Vegetable Pizza

Start with a whole-wheat crust. Top it with these:

-fat free mozzarella cheese, shredded

-sliced mushrooms

-diced red and greed peppers

-diced onions

Again bake it as an example above. Until cheese is melted.

Hummus Pizza

On top of your crust spread fat free hummus and top with:

-diced tomatoes

-chopped parsley

-ground cumin

Bake or broil until heated through. About 10 minutes on 350 degrees F.

Like I said before, experiment with these samples and you can create your own low cholesterol low fat pizza.

Hope you will get a lot of good ideas on how to make great tasting, yet healthier pizza.

And remember, you can use pita bread, all vegetables on your pizza. You can also cut skinless chicken breasts on stripes, grill it using something like George Freeman Grill and add that on top of your pizza.

Use your imagination!

Visit Brett Slansky's web site for more low cholesterol recipes