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Amber Peach

Amber is a strange and attractive gem. Its golden transparency lends it a quality which even diamonds do not share.

Amber is prehistoric tree resin that has hardened. Most of the world's amber is in the range of 30-90 million years old. We think of it as a gem, but it is an organic substance rather than a mineral. Even ancient people used amber for jewellery

Amber, often called the 'stone of life' is electromagnetically alive. When stroked with a wool cloth, amber becomes static and will attract small particles. Amber was called elektron by the ancient Greeks, which evolved into our English term "electricity".

Silver Amber Jewellery contains a great amount of organic energy and because of this has been used as a powerful healing stone since ancient times. Its power is maintained in the fact that it is electronegative. Negative ionization is then produced on the surface of the human body, which has a positive effect on a person. The negative ions are beneficial to the healing process and prevent illness.

Symbolism of Amber

Amber serves as a symbol of renewal in marriage and continued fidelity. Amber is an alternate birthstone for November. Amber is associated with the signs Leo and Aquarius. In dreams, amber signifies a voyage. Amber represents the tenth wedding anniversary.

Amber Jewellery Care

With minimal care, your amber jewellery will stay as beautiful as the day you received it.

1. Do not store amber where it can rub against metal, other jewellery or hard surfaces.

2. Do not let amber contact with strong chemical solutions, such as soaps, jewellery cleaning solutions, perfume, hairsprays etc.

3. Do not place amber near heat or in direct sunshine.

4. Dust and perspiration can be removed with clean, lukewarm (never hot!) water and a soft flannel cloth.

5. The amber can be dried and rubbed with clear olive oil, then rubbed with a soft cloth to remove excess oil and restore the polish.