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Agent Orange

If you’re in the Port Orange home buying or selling market, you first need to choose a good real estate agent. You could end up spending a good deal of time with your Realtor®, so it’s important you choose carefully.

What should you look for in your Realtor? Here are some things to consider as you get started:

First, don’t be afraid to “interview” your Port Orange real estate agent possibilities. Don’t be afraid of offending anyone – this is not new to the agent. You want to make sure you find a real estate agent that has your best home needs in mind, but one that also meshes with your personality and is easy to work with.

Second, when you do interview agents, consider yourself to be on a fact-finding mission. You want to know that your potential Port Orange Realtor is licensed, with that license in good standing. In addition, if you are buying a Florida home, be sure that your agent is working for you and not the seller – in other words, you want a buyer’s and not a seller’s agent.

Third, if you are selling your home, get all the details of your agreement with your Port Orange real estate agent in writing. You want to know how your house will be marketed, and if you want it marketed aggressively (and most sellers do) it’s useful to have a game plan in writing so you can have a bargaining chip later if the Realtor doesn’t work as agreed upon.

Finally, don’t be afraid of this process. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful job. But if you work hard to find yourself the right agent who is working for you and who has your best interests at heart (and truly, most of them will), you could have a painless and relatively easy house hunting or selling experience.

Kevin is a realtor® at Gaffs Realty Co in the Port Orange, Florida. He sells Port Orange real estate and beautiful Port Orange homes. Kevin Kling can be reached directly at 386-527-8577.