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Aces Insights - I Am A Peach Blossom

" You ask
why I perch
on a jade green mountain
I laugh
but say nothing
my heart free
like a peach blossom
in the flowering stream
going by
to the depths
in another world
not among men"

Li Po was born in China in 701 and is considered one of China's greatest poets. He grew up in the western region, but wandered in the eastern and central regions of China throughout his life. His work is filled with an air of playfulness, fantasy, and eloquence.

His work above caught my mind while reading a book of poetry and I thought it was wonderful. His allows me the opportunity to see myself sitting on a jade mountain or floating down a cool stream, with nothing but my thoughts. Alive in another world I see myself not as a man, but a consciousness, enjoying simple beauty and feeling full of the essence of All There Is. My spirit's free, I laugh and say nothing. I think and say everything, all without the restrictions of being human.

It's not every day I sit on my mountain, or float like a peach petal down a cool clear stream of energy, but the days I do, I am living in a dream, that becomes my reality. My focus is on another part of who I am floating in the clear stream of knowing. My life has many dimensions and realities, when I open my consciousness and let them in. Li Po knew that and he experienced worlds that I am just beginning to understand 1300 years later.

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