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A Grape Is Still A Grape

Today I heard A Talk Show Host ask a well-known Christian entertainer why God was taking so long in the miraculous healing of his 24-year old grandson, and I smiled from the inside out, Father. How many times have I asked the same question of You? None of Your children like waiting on You, and I've been no different. Feeling frustrated and dejected, I have, at times, perceived Your "slowness" as an unwillingness to act on my behalf. It's so much easier to believe You'll do a miracle for anyone other than me! Thankfully, that attitude is diminishing as You grow me up.

My neighbor has a grape vine and it reminds me of a profound revelation. Jesus made the grape that hangs on that vine. That's a miracle of creation! Jesus also turned the water into wine. That was an instantaneous miracle, but no more a miracle than the slower growing of the grape He created. A miracle is a miracle, fast or slow.

I've concluded that Your goal is to teach me to partner with You, child to Father, and sometimes those slower miracles are exactly what it takes. As long as I stay mindful of this revelation, I keep Your indescribable peace. It's only when I allow myself to be distracted by this impatient nature that the child in me starts demanding instant miracles and I lose my peace.

Thank You, Father, for all those "ordinary" grapes. Thank You for the dormant season as well as the fruit-bearing season, for it's in the dormant season that I come back to Your revelation: A grape is a grape. A miracle is a miracle. Time has nothing to do with it.

Copyright 2007 April Lorier All Rights Reserved Worldwide

As a pastorís daughter and a survivor of severe child abuse, April Lorier has an intimate knowledge of child abuse in and out of the church. She founded COPE, Inc, for the retraining of abusive parents. Her testimony before the CA State Legislature helped with the passage of The Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA), signed by Ronald Reagan.

April Lorier is an Author, Christian Speaker, Columnist, and former music teacher. Her autobiography, Godís Battered Child: Journey from Abuse to Leader (2007) is available at AMAZON, Barnes and Nobles, and on her website.