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A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath

As many of you who know me will know I like to keep things simple rather than overcomplicate or dither on irrelevencies. I attended a session on customer service the other week, now, a lot of it was good common sense, the usual stuff be polite etc. etc. But I felt that the same message was repeated time and time again.

I always start a customer service session with the words "A gentle answer turns away wrath" Of course its not that simple but think about it. If one aggressive state i.e. the customer and another aggressive state i.e a customer services representative collide, add them together and you've got one big aggressive feeling in the room. And whats more they will fuel each other. In many cases aggression needs to be fueled by something, whether it be someone else being aggressive back at you, someone being indifferent to you, it is this we need to avoid.

In order for you to diffuse an aggressive customer, just bear that quote in mind "A gentle answer turns away wrath" Answering in a gentle manner takes away the fuel that the customer needs to be aggressive and causes them to "fizzle out" and act in a far more rational manner.

Use this philosophy and allow the rest to take care of itself.

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